Current Market Focus - To provide a strategic, quantitatively driven and scientifically defensible support arm to our clients, offering flexible, customizable & practical services to meet demanding analytic, data mining and research needs.

STAT Consulting and staff has an average of 20+ years of career experience serving our clients in diversified research and analytic needs. Our expertise in quantitative methods, biostatistics, epidemiology, nursing informatics, the electronic health record, claims analysis and outcomes based research has provided focused data exploration and unique insight for our clients’ projects. STAT Consulting provides deep subject matter guidance in clinical research from a population perspective including longitudinal record development, claims analysis, compliance with execution of treatment protocols, care plans and effectiveness of clinical care rendered to targeted patient populations.

Statistics & Biostatistics

The application of statistical methods and techniques across disciplines with empirical specialization in biological and medical problem solving.

Survey Design & Research Methods

The application of designing survey instruments for optimal research discovery & leveraging scientifically defensible methods for studies utilizing quantitative approaches. STAT Consulting delivers reports using straight forward, understandable language to support presentations and publication submissions for dissemination to broad based or targeted audiences. STAT Consulting has deep professional experience developing statistical, methodology and subject matter narratives that are customized to our clients’ project objectives.

Epidemiologic Analysis

Applying scientific methods & quantitative rigor to understand disease incidence and prevalence in populations of interest. Utilizing empirically derived results to facilitate informed decisions that guide the development of targeted solutions to problems encountered in clinical medicine. STAT Consulting brings a rich blend of clinical experience from the emergency medicine and nursing perspectives in concert with quantitative analytics to provide insight and discover unique relationships in the projects we support.

Subject Matter Expertise

Engaging quantitative analytics, data mining (novel/significant pattern recognition) & machine learned methods to discover fraud, waste and abuse potential and other patterns that may present significant risk to our clients. Examples of this include, unbundling, overpayments, erroneous payments, eligibility errors, upcoding, multiple filing and litigation risk. STAT Consulting delivers high quality reports that convey these complex relationships in understandable, non-jargon terms.

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