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Clinical Trials

  • In depth experience in all phases of clinical trials
  • Collaborative development of investigational protocols
  • Delivery of analytic insights to inform current and future trial phases
  • Preparation of regulatory documents
  • Therapeutic areas include Cardiovascular, Neuro, Oncology, Women’s Health, Vaccines, Infectious Disease,  Ophthalmology and Immunology

Population Health Analytics

  • Sharp empirical insight to achieve high quality, value-based health care
  • Analytic insight gained by examining feedback from interventions to inform and improve outcomes
  • Regulatory compliance evaluation
  • Assessing disease distribution & condition management across populations
  • Expertise analytically blending population health data with social determinants of health 


  • Subject matter guidance for Epidemiology studies
  • Risk identification & assessment with associated outcomes 
  • Cohort studies comparing subjects based on exposure history
  • Experimental studies and randomized clinical trials design and analytics
  • Procuring empirical, scientifically defensible insight

Longitudinal Record Development and Analysis

  • Expertise in aligning disparate data sources into single longitudinal records at person level and custom granularity 
  • Leveraging ancillary data sources to better inform analysis including, Electronic Medical Records, Social Determinants of Health, Government & Census Data

Survey Analytics

  • Survey instrument validation & optimization
  • Study design development
  • Sampling guidance
  • Bias mitigation
  • Response analytics
  • Empirical insight and recommendations

Data Science

Data Exploration

  • Predictive Modeling
  • Machine Learning
  • Results analysis and model validation
  • Analytic interpretation
  • Subject Matter Expertise applied to data exploration & insight

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